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By: Colette Calapristi Casey
© copyright 2014

The grab was supposed to be easy: No witnesses, no yelling, neat and tidy with a bow pulled tight around it like a noose. The drop was to take place and Grand Central, no cops, no worries, and the payout my boss said he was owed.
The day started out all right, I tagged Lenny coming out of the Concord apartments on schedule. Lenny would walk that sissy dog, yappin all the way I gotta say, got the coffee, then back up to the digs.

I scoped out my spot by the newsstand and paid the guy filling in for the owner an easy 100 to let me hang out to be able to record the tones on the keypad of the door so I could let myself in. Lenny liked to use the side entrance after getting coffee I guess for the exercise of running the stairs. Geez. No wonder this guy was so skinny. Must have been real ugly too, cause he always had his cap pulled low over his weasel face.

This was my life for 6 weeks. Dog. Coffee. Stairs. Then watching Lenny grab a cab to work. I didn’t know much about this job other than Lenny was in deep with the mob and had to pay up. Over the six weeks, I couldn’t see how the hell the money Lenny supposedly took from the mob was spent. Lenny lived a pretty basic life, no big spending, no clubbing, not much of anything else, just work, dog, repeat.

The day finally came when I saw Lenny leave the apartment. I had parked my car in the ally outside the side door and entered they key code I had Joey the keymaker translate for me. I had been in the stairs a couple times before to get a feel for the space and figured if I stand behind the door I could nail Lenny with the sedative.

Everything went off as planned, I shot Lenny full of the stuff and he started acting like a drunk. Perfect, I could carry his sorry in debt ass out of the building with not so much as a blink from anybody watching.

The hold point wasn’t far from where I snatched him, but it was far enough. A couple blocks over there was this office building getting some renovations and with it came a new parking garage. Boss wanted to find the dough that Lenny had lifted, then once he got that, it was just a matter of a cement bodysuit that blended in nicely with the new garage.

After we get the dough then we did our drop at Grand Central.

I tied up Lenny nice and tight just the way the boss wanted him. But something seemed strange about this guy. I know he looked pretty damn thin but figured he was just a wiry kind of guy what with runnin’ all those damn stairs. Wait a sec. Oh shit. This guy is way to thin for moobs. I felt around again and as soon as I felt ‘em I felt sick, which usually would not be the case on a normal day.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. This Lenny guy’s a chick. Holy shit. How was I supposed to know there were two Lenny Jascowitz’s in NYC.
My luck I snatched the wrong one, not the one with the dough or the…you know. Yeah, who knew?

My boss knew and expected me to know the same-know what I mean?

“Oh…my…god…what is going on.”

Okay, that’s a chick’s voice for sure. I took a step back into the shadows. If I ran, I’d be leavin’ her here for the boss, but that ain’t right, cause she didn’t do nothin’, it was me, it was my fault.


Shit, more groaning. This chick is vocal. I had to think quick ‘cause the guys were expected me to let ‘em know the scoop on the dough.

“Where am I…”

Okay, well hell, she’s coming out of it. I had to think quick and I had to act fast. I reached into my pocket and found my back up syringe. This would buy me some more time, ‘cause I sure as hell needed it.

I came up behind the Lenny-chick and gave her one more boost. I guess with everything that was still in her system, she went right out which was good for me.

Her head fell into the sunbeam and her cap fell off her head. I could finally get a good look at her face. “Holy Shit, now that is the face of an Angel.”

Yeah, I said it out loud. What a knockout. She must be a model or something cause she was gorgeous. Her hair was short, I guess that’s what threw me off and yeah, the whole name thing.

I figured I had to move fast and threw her over my shoulder to get her downstairs and back to her neighborhood.

Lenny-chick was still pretty knocked out but I still had to make like a couple of drunks staggering down the street so’s I could get her back home. I looked at her again. Yeah, Angel face was still there.

It seemed like forever until we got back to her block, but we made it. I set her down by the Park that I used to watch her walk that little dog.

I put on a little act and laughed it up patted her on the back and yelled a drunken goodbye. She would be safe, but I wasn’t so sure about me and boss man.

It was a solid week before I started making my normal rounds again. I knew I had to face the boss man soon and I guess it had to be sooner rather than later.

I came up on his street and walked over to the Midnight Café, which was open 24 hours. The sun was starting to set and I knew the boss would be in back.

I walked past the diners and my favorite waitress Helen. A gorgeous gal, or I be see was like 40 years ago.

“Hey there handsome—haven’t seen you for a while.” Helen and her smokers voice, made her all that much more sexy.

“Yeah, been working a job. He back there?”

Helen nodded. “Sure is. He’s waiting for you.”

I am sure he was. I went into the back room and there he was sitting at his table, with Gus and Vince watching him and me for that matter.

“Where the hell you been?”

“I was working the job Boss, but something happened.”

Boss man started laughing. “yeah something happened. You pinched the wrong guy!”

Well, that’s it. Been nice knowing you folks.

“Yeah, I did Boss. I didn’t know there were two Lenny Jaskowitz’s in the same New York Burrough. “

Boss man started laughing. “Yeah, neither did we! And one was a dame!”

By now, Boss man, Gus and Vince were busting up laughing.

“You know Boss, I tried to find the other Lenny, but he vanished like a ghost or something. Here’s the money you gave me. I can do any other job you want, you let me know and you don’t even have to pay me.”

Boss man looked up at me and smiled. “You know, your mother was always good to me and she raised a good boy with you. But, I gotta tell ya kid, I don’t think your so good at this line of work. What you say I put you in one of my shops. I think you would fit better in that line of work.”

Was I hearing correctly? Boss wasn’t gonna wipe me out? I could still work for him and not screw up?

“Yeah, yeah boss, anything you say.”

Boss man smiled. “You know kid, you come from good stock. Your mother was a saint and stepped in for me after my blessed mother left this earth. So you my friend are what we call a brother from another mother. Now get outta here.”

I thanked him again and headed out the door with nothing but relief written all over me.

First I was going to Ma’s house and giving her a big hug and a kiss. Then I was going to get a good night’s rest. In the morning, I’m getting up, heading over to a coffee shop where a girl named Lenny walks her dog.

Prompt: “You work for the mob and you kidnap the wrong guy.”


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cityNo Wind, No Rain
by: Colette Calapristi Casey
© copyright 2014

The buildings glistened in the sun, street lights rotated from green to yellow to red. Neon signs flashed inviting patrons in and café’s were set for the evening’s dinner guests. Everything was at it should be, but where was everyone?

I ran down Monroe Center usually a gathering place for young professionals, hipsters and swing dancers in the Park on a Tuesday evening. But there was no one. Absolutely, positively no one.

No wind blew on the street, no rubbish overflowing from the trash cans. I searched in vain for signs of life, a stray dog, a frantic squirrel or a pigeon scrounging for a lone fry.

My voice echoed against unmoving buildings devoid of life. I was in a ghost town yet it seemed like I was the ghost. I felt the fear rise up in my chest and begin to pour out by way of my tears.

I stumbled as I reached for a park bench and sat, dropping my face into my hands.

“Where is everyone?” I said it very quietly at first, but the panic drove it to a higher volume. This time I screamed it. I waited for a response, but the only thing I heard was my own voice echoing throughout the city.

I tried desperately to remember how I got here, but it was to no avail. I laid on my side and rested my head on my arm. I searched the pavement for signs of life. An ant, a beetle or a fly. Nothing. Nothing but emptiness.

I felt myself fall into a deep sleep which provided some comfort. In my dream I heard voices and they were comforting.

In what seemed like an instant their soothing voices disappeared, jolting me awake in my deserted city.

I sat up and wondered into the Grand Hotel. Everything was as it should be. The magnificent chandelier set against the gold leaf ceiling was as regal as ever. The sent of vintage and new blended beautifully throughout, but still there was no one. I walked into the main lobby and realized I heard a sound!

I ran towards it and almost immediately knew what it was. The fountain was pushing water over the rocks and live plants. I had to admit, at this point some sound was better than no sound. I stepped up to the Starbucks bar and noticed that hot coffee was brewing and the espresso machine was on. I helped myself to a cup of coffee and sat again to rest. I was so tired. I don’t recall ever being this tired before. The lounge chair was an overstuffed wingback of red velvet. I set my feet upon the footstool hoping to hear the voices again. The voices that let me know I wasn’t alone.

And then they came.

“It will take some time, but I believe her prognosis is quite good.” The man’s voice was soothing. I fell deeper into my sleep.

“How soon will she come back to us Doctor?” That was my…husband? It sounded like him, but his voice was different. It was wavering.

“It’s too soon to tell. We’ll be keeping an eye on her.” I heard the other man say.

“Just keep talking to her. They say that Coma patients can still hear , even though they may not respond.”

In a coma? What did he say?

“Jennifer. Baby. I’m here sweetheart. We need you to be here too. We need you to come back to us. Can you hear me sweetheart?”

I heard him. His voice so tender and caring, but I couldn’t answer him. It’s as if through my sleep I was conscious but my body would not cooperate. “I’m here Sam! I didn’t go anywhere!”

“Jenn, McKenna drew you a picture today at school. She really misses her mommy.”

I have a child. I do! I have a child!

“She wanted me to give you this.”

I felt something against my cheek, but I still couldn’t move. My heart. My heart, I think it is breaking. It hurts so bad.

“You’re mom and dad are coming to visit tonight. They are worried about you, but I told them you were tough that you would be back in no time.”

I would. I will.

“Jennifer, I love you so much sweetheart. McKenna loves her mommy, come back to us babe, come back to us please.”

I felt him. I felt him all around me, I loved him and our child with all my heart. I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to leave. I’m so alone here. I need them, I need to see them.

“Jenn? Oh my God! Jenn?”

His voice was closer now and I think I can see him.

“Doctor! Nurse! Her eyes! I think she’s trying to open her eyes!” I could hear him shouting. I was feeling closer. I was feeling less alone.

“I’m coming darling. I am. Wait for me. I’ll be home.” I heard my voice, but it was only in my head.

My husband grabbed my hand and I held it. I would be home soon. It would be soon. This time when I fell deeper asleep, I dreamed of my family and of sunshine, dancing and people. Lots and lots of people.

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Let me know what you think of my short story “Knock, Knock…Who’s There?”.  It started from a little writing prompt and turned into something fun:)

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