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Not Yet

By: Colette Casey

I reach but I cannot grasp
I seek but I cannot see
I hunger and yet I crave
I thirst but cannot drink
I look for understanding yet find none
I pray and hear the quietest of gentle whispers

We are not to fully realize
the harmony of God,
The symphony of brilliance
or the love that dances upon waves

Our human curtain keeps us outside the door
until it is our call
But, in our souls
we feel the rhythm of God
running through our being
Understanding delayed
Until we step upon his stage.

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by: Colette Calapristi Casey

The amber glow stretches

The air prepares to moisten

The clouds alive in brilliance

The sun retreats from day


Dusk reveals a new heart

The fireflies arrival

The remnants of fuscia

The dampness of emerald blades


Hush is the noise of night

The cricket beckons

The stars silent witness

All now to dream

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Within the Tender Valley©

by: Colette Calapristi Casey
copyright© 2015

The tender valley embraces the velvet meadow

She waits within a warm and welcoming shadow

My journey long, my struggles a plenty

You soothe that which uneases me

My darling, my loving, my vibrant Jenny


Force of wind, pushes against my face

A fire within, fights for her embrace

Too long apart, too much distance

I can’t fight any longer,

I can no longer bear my own resistance


Life was new so many years ago

When I was a young man with such ego

Never finding the right perfection

I left and I wandered

Until that day, that lovely day, I saw her reflection


The beauty, the soul, is calling me home

Reminding me rest awaits from when I roam

Jenny oh my Jenny the years have been kind

For even though we age

We now will finally have the love that we will bind


My lovely, my darling, my bride

Your heart has rescued me from the deep divide

We rejoice in amazement at our new generations

Our children and theirs

Ever growing with each and every new creation


Hope embeds in our yearning hearts

Making it so, even with distance

we are never apart

The tender valley embraces the mossy meadow

And there she waits within the warm and welcoming shadow

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The Night it Happened© 2014
by: Colette Calapristi Casey

The wind was blowing
The fire was growing
I ran and I ran
the night it happened

My bedroom too high
No chance but to fly
I jumped and I fell
The night it happened

I awoke with a start
Placed my hand over heart
Cried out in sorrow
The night it happened

I wander and wallow
New owners I follow
Wondering why it was me
The night it happened

I look and I seek
Sometimes as a freak
To ever haunt after
The night it happened.

The home I once flaunted
Was now they say haunted
It was me and I know
The night it happened.

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by: Colette Calapristi Casey
© 2014

She sat softly in the woods
An amber leaf
A golden leaf
And the sunbeams fell through the trees.

The stream was her companion
Moving through time
Sifting and rolling
And the sunbeams fell through the trees.

Her guitar echoed through the trees
Her music lifted her heart
It wafted through the treetops
And the sunbeams fell through the trees.

The ground was cool and painted
With nature’s art
With nature’s time
And the sunbeams fell through the trees.

A note here a note there
Combine to full music
Swirling in ecstasy
And the sunbeams fell through the trees.

She lifted her face to the sun
Another leaf brushed by
Music danced in her ears
And the sunbeams fell through the trees.


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by: Colette Calapristi Casey

Rain fell softly where she lay
She is moment
She is breath
She is air
She is life

Misty Dew Pooled Upon a Leaf
It is cool
It is lovely
It is grace
It is life

Her cheek lay softly against her hand
She is rest
She is peace
She is calm
She is life

Today is anew and starting again
It is hope
It is promise
It is joy
It is life

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